Impeller Blade Machining

Impeller Blade Machining

Impeller blade machining needs to be processed on a 5-axis machine tool. 5-axis simultaneous milling capabilities and advanced turning and mill-turning capabilities can be integrated into one easy-to-use integrated system. 5-axis machining for increased productivity, equipment flexibility and high quality. Provide finishing, impeller machining, turbine blades, cutting tools, etc.


Impeller Blisk Machining

Impeller blisk machining. Surface treatment technology for integral impellers and blisks, manual finishing. In the manual finishing process, the use of hand-held finishing equipment with abrasive belts or flap wheels (such as hand-held sanders, electric polishers) is used to finish high-performance parts with complex structures. The final surface quality depends entirely on the experience and skills of the worker. It is a finishing process with low efficiency, high cost and poor working conditions. Belt grinding and CNC polishing, belt grinding is a high-efficiency, low-temperature, low-cost machining process with the combined effect of grinding and finishing. To improve the quality of the finished surface, automatic belt or wheel grinding techniques have been developed based on robotic systems or multi-axis CNC machines, which have been used for finishing signal vanes and integral impellers. During grinding, contact pressure as well as friction have a significant effect on material removal, surface roughness and residual stress.


Impeller Packing Machine

The internal structure of the impeller packing machine, the material conveying device of the impeller packing machine is the impeller. The impeller is equipped with multiple impeller blades. The rotation of the motor drives the impeller to rotate. The material enters the impeller slot from the feeding bin, and the rotating impeller brings the material to the discharge port and enters the packaging bag. The advantages of the impeller packaging machine: the impeller packaging machine has large output, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and is not easy to block, but it is easy to swell the bag (caused by more air in the material), so the impeller packaging machine is usually used for packaging larger particles.