CNC Machined Impeller

CNC Machined Impeller

CNC machined impeller. Integral impeller machining has always been a challenge for machining engineers. From the initial casting after light repair, to paraffin casting, as well as EDM and other methods. Some manufacturers use three-dimensional copy milling. However, these methods are not low machining efficiency, poor precision or poor mechanical properties of the product. These problems were not fundamentally solved until the CNC machining 5-axis machining technology was applied to the impeller machining. The complexity of impeller machining mainly lies in the complex curved surface of its blades. The ability to accurately process impellers with complex shapes has become an important criterion for measuring the performance of CNC machine tools.


CNC Machine Metal Impellers

CNC machine metal impellers. The impeller material should have good comprehensive mechanical properties, and have higher requirements for strength, plasticity and toughness at room temperature and high temperature. For this reason, the impeller must meet sufficient requirements: (1) sufficient mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature; (2) high vibration damping capacity; (3) high structural stability; (4) good corrosion resistance and erosion resistance ability; (5) good process performance. The integral impeller is a center-symmetrical part, and the impeller must be positioned accurately during processing. Select the positioning reference: hole + surface​​, take the short plane of the outlet end as the axial positioning reference, and take the center hole of the impeller as the axial positioning reference. When machining the integral impeller, install the impeller fixture blank on the mandrel, and then press the upper and lower ends.


Drain Pump Impeller Washing Machine

Drain pump impeller washing machine. Almost without exception, the drain pump will be mounted on the base, on the right side of the washer and washer dryer as viewed from the front. Of course, it’s easy to find the drain pump on most washing machines, as the gray drain hose will always lead you directly to it. On machines where a filter can be used, the pump will sit behind it without any problems. Pumps are one of the most common faulty spare parts.