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Our CNC turning service has a clamping capacity of 450mm for parts up to 600mm in length.

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CNC lathing machines are commonly used to make a variety of cylindrical or elliptical parts. Examples include shafts, pins, hubs or parts with general rotational symmetry. CNC lathing machines can also make multiple identical parts from a single section of bar stock at incredible speeds and with very high accuracy, making them ideal for rapid prototyping and mass production. Even drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling can be done using different types of tools. We are able to handle a wide range of metals and engineering plastics, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium, PEEK, Teflon, and more. Tik Precision has several advanced CNC lathing machines with accuracy up to 0.0002″ (5um). The professional technical team and quality management system fully guarantee the quality and delivery time for customers.


CNC Turning Service

CNC turning is an effective solution for round and cylindrical complex parts by using cutting tools to remove material at high speeds by holding the bar or tube in a chuck. CNC turning provides unparalleled manufacturing speed while maintaining consistent dimensions and quality. It is commonly used for batch manufacturing of end-use parts.


One of the main advantages of our CNC turning services is the ability to produce parts quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Our state-of-the-art machinery and experienced machinists allow us to produce parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries, making us ideal for projects requiring high precision and attention to detail. Combined with power tools, a variety of complex geometries such as flat faces, side holes, and recesses can be created simultaneously.

We provide CNC turning services in China

CNC Turning of metal parts

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer a range of materials to meet our customers’ needs. Whether you need parts made from aluminum, stainless steel or other metals, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the results you need. Our commitment to quality is evident in all aspects of our CNC turning services, from the selection of materials to the rigorous quality control processes we implement. We pride ourselves on providing parts that meet the highest quality standards, and we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Precision CNC Turning Parts

Our CNC turning services are ideal for customers who require precision parts with high accuracy and consistency. We combine state-of-the-art equipment with the expertise of our experienced machinists to deliver truly superior results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

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Upload your files directly or send your project information via the quote page. All files are supported by NDA.

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Within 12h, we will send back a design for manufacturability analysis and a real-time quote.

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After the order is confirmed, we will start the manufacturing process using your CAD design.

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Prototypes or parts will be produced within a few days and delivered directly to you via international courier.

CNC Turning Service Materials

A variety of metals and engineering plastics are available for the manufacture of CNC turning parts, and we can quickly create accurate prototypes and mass production using a variety of quality materials depending on your application. View some common materials used for CNC turning parts



Aluminum is a versatile material , Aluminum has excellent machinability, weldability and plating properties ,good corrosion resistance,high strength-to-weight ratio and good temperature resistance,which make it ideal for CNC machining. After machining, aluminum has a low risk of deformation or defects and is easy to polish and color. Because of these properties, aluminum is a widely used metal in many industries, including automotive, defense, aerospace, transportation, construction, packaging, electronics, consumer goods, and more.



Copper is a highly machinable metal that has different functions based on its mechanical properties. It has good strength, hardness, superior thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance.



Brass is a metal alloy made by combining copper and zinc. It exhibits excellent electrical conductivity and good processability. Known for its low-friction properties and gold-like appearance, brass is often used in construction as well as in the manufacture of gears, locks, pipe fittings, musical instruments and so on.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steels usually contain at least 10% chromium (by weight),and are mild steels with desirable properties for many industrial applications.The material properties associated with stainless steel make it a popular metal in a wide range of industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace and more. In these industries, stainless steel is versatile and an effective choice for many applications.



Titanium has many material properties that make it an ideal metal for demanding applications,such as excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and extreme temperatures resistance and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. All these properties, along with its high tensile strength, have made titanium widely used in the aerospace, medical and defense industries.



Plastic is also a very popular choice for CNC machining due to its wide selection, relatively low prices and significantly faster machining times. We offer all common plastics for CNC machining services.
  • POM
  • PEEK
  • High-density
  • Polyethylene
  • PET
  • Nylon
  • PTFE
  • PVC
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • PC
  • Acrylic

CNC Turning Surface Treatments

Surface treatments applied to CNC turning parts are designed to improve their appearance, surface hardness and roughness, chemical and corrosion resistance, etc. They also help to hide any visible tool marks in the power tool cutting area. Tik Precision offers a wide selection of surface finishes to help improve the surface quality of your products.


Description: The standard finish of our parts, the machined finish, has a surface roughness of 3.2 μm (126 μin), which removes sharp edges and cleanly deburrs the part.

Applicable materials: All materials

Color: N/A


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Description: Sandblasted parts have a smooth surface with a matte finish. Mainly used for visual applications and can be followed by other surface treatments.

Applicable materials: ABS, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel

Color: N/A

Texture: Matte

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Description: Anodizing improves corrosion resistance, enhances wear resistance and hardness, and protects metal surfaces. Widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft, auto parts, precision instruments, etc.

Applicable material: Aluminum

Color: Clear, Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Gold

Texture: Smooth, matte effect

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Description: Anodizing improves corrosion resistance, enhances wear resistance and hardness, and protects metal surfaces. Widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft, auto parts, precision instruments, etc.

Applicable materials: Aluminum

Color: Transparent, black, gray, red, blue, gold

Texture: Smooth, matte effect

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Description: Electroplating can be functional, decorative, or corrosion-related. The process is used by many industries, including the automotive industry, where chrome plating of steel auto parts is common.

Applicable Material: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel

Color: N/A

Texture: Smooth, Shiny Surface

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Description: Polishing is a processing method that reduces the surface roughness of the workpiece through physical friction, chemical or electrochemical effects, so as to obtain a bright and smooth surface. Polishing does not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometric shape accuracy of parts, but for the purpose of obtaining a smooth surface or mirror gloss, and sometimes to eliminate gloss (matting). Polishing can improve the appearance of metal parts, including some vehicle components, armrests, cookware, kitchen appliances and architectural metals.

Applicable materials: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, PMMA, PC

Color: N/A

Texture: Smooth

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Professional Team Support

Professional Team Support

We have a group of professional engineers and technicians available 24/7 for professional support to help you solve your problems.

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

We follow a strict quality control system to ensure the manufacture of quality prototypes and production parts.

Strict Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

We follow a strict quality control system to ensure the manufacture of quality prototypes and production parts.

Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment

We have same of equipment for manufacturing and testing. Your parts will be manufactured and tested using our state-of-the-art equipment.

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What is CNC turning parts ?

CNC turning is the process of machining a workpiece using a computer numerical control (CNC) lathe. The workpiece is held in place by a chuck and rotated while a cutting tool is fed to the workpiece to remove material. CNC turning is a type of CNC machining, which is subtractive manufacturing process that uses computer-controlled tools to remove material from a work piece.

CNC turning can be used to create various types of shapes, including cones, cylinders, and spheres. The process can also be used to create threads or other helical shapes. In addition, CNC turning can be used to create recesses, slots, and other internal features. About Us CNC milling service.


How to get the CNC turning parts?

If you’re looking for CNC turning parts, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide what type of CNC machine is best for your project. There are three main types of CNC machines: lathes, mills, and routers. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right one for your project.

1.To choose a machine, you’ll need to find a reputable supplier who can provide quality parts at a good price. There are a number of online suppliers who specialize in CNC parts, so it’s worth taking the time to do some research and find one that’s reputable and has good reviews.

2.To find a supplier, you’ll need to send them your design files so they can manufacture the parts. The most common file format for CNC machining is STEP, We also accept STL or IGES files. Once the supplier has your files, they will usually give you a quote for the cost of manufacturing the parts.

3.To receive a quote and decided to go ahead with the job, the supplier will start manufacturing the parts and will usually deliver them within a few weeks.

CNC turning service processes

CNC turning is a machining process that uses computer numerical control (CNC) to operate lathes. CNC turning can be used to produce a variety of parts with different shapes and sizes. The process is very versatile and can be used to create both simple and complex parts.

To create a part using CNC turning, a blank piece of material (known as a workpiece) is first loaded into the lathe. The lathe is then programmed to cut the workpiece into the desired shape. The programming for CNC turning is typically done using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

Once the program is loaded, the CNC machine will execute the cutting operations according to the code. After the cuts are complete, the finished part will be ejected from the machine.

CNC turning Components and Surface Treatment

CNC turning is a machining process whereby a computer controls the rotation of a workpiece while a cutting tool is applied to it. This allows for very precise and consistent cuts to be made, which is why CNC turning is often used for producing critical components such as engine parts and medical implants.

There are several important considerations when choosing CNC turning, such as what sort of surface finish is required and what type of component you need to produce. Surface treatment options include annealing, hardening, plating, and coating, among others. The most common types of materials that are machined using CNC turning are metals, but plastics and composites can also be machined using this process.

China CNC turning Materials

CNC turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool is used to remove material from a work piece in order to create a desired shape or finish. The material is fed into the machine and rotated at high speed while the cutting tool is applied to it. This process can be used to create parts with complex shapes and intricate details.

There are a variety of materials that can be machined using CNC turning, including metals, plastics, and composites. Each material has its own unique properties that must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate machining process. For example, metals are strong and durable but can be difficult to work with due to their hardness. Plastics are relatively easy to machine but lack the strength of metal. Composites combine the best properties of both metals and plastics, making them an ideal choice for many applications.

Metal CNC turning service

CNC turning is a machining process where metal parts are turned by a computer-controlled lathe. The process is similar to traditional lathe work, but the CNC machine can create more precise and intricate designs.

A CNC turning machine can be programmed to create any number of turns, from simple geometric shapes to complex curves. The programmer inputs the desired shape into the computer, which then controls the movement of the lathe’s cutting tool.

The material to be machined is held in a chuck, which is mounted on the spindle of the lathe. The cutting tool is mounted on the turret, which can be rotated to different positions. As the turret turns, the cutting tool removes material from the workpiece to create the desired shape.

CNC turning machines are used in a variety of industries to create everything from engine parts to medical devices. This versatile machining process can be used on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Plastic CNC turning service

If you are looking for a CNC turning machining service provider, there are many options to choose from. However, not all service providers are created equal. You’ll want to find a provider that offers quality services at a competitive price.

One option for finding a reputable CNC turning machining service is to request quotes from several providers. This will allow you to compare prices and services offered. Be sure to ask each provider about their experience and qualifications.

It’s also a good idea to read online reviews of CNC turning machining service providers. This can help you get an idea of the level of customer satisfaction with different providers. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can contact the providers and schedule a consultation.

Online CNC Machining Services in China

As a well-established CNC parts machining provider, manufacturer and exporter, we have been focusing on providing various CNC custom machining services to a huge market. Including CNC parts turning, precision CNC turning machining, etc. And always maintain the highest level of precision parts delivery speed and reliable quality standards. With a high level of technology and efficient equipment, as well as a rigorous attitude, we have passed the ISO9001:2015 quality certification. We specialize in CNC parts turning involving metals, plastics, and some difficult to machine materials (such as titanium alloys, high temperature alloys).

Want to shorten your production cycle and reduce the cost of mechanical parts? We integrate several advanced technologies that streamline the manufacturing process, speeding up the production of machined parts in high volume and to a higher level of accuracy.

We can provide online CNC turning services on request. Send us your CAD file or request a quote and we’ll return a quick, free online CNC quote for the CNC components you need. Get your CNC-turned parts in production in the shortest possible time. Contact us today!

How to select a CNC turning supplier in China ?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a CNC turning supplier in China. The following is a list of some of the key considerations:

1. Location: Depending on your specific needs, you may want to consider suppliers located in different parts of China. For example, if you need quick turnaround times, you may want to choose a supplier located closer to your manufacturing facility.

2. Capacity: Make sure to select a supplier with the capacity to meet your production needs. Otherwise, you may end up facing delays and other issues.

3. Experience: It’s important to choose a supplier with experience in CNC turning machining. This will help ensure that they are able to meet your quality requirements.

4. Quality control: Make sure to select a supplier with strict quality control procedures in place. This will help ensure that your parts meet your high standards.

5. Pricing: Of course, you’ll also want to consider pricing when selecting a CNC turning supplier in China. Be sure to get quotes from multiple suppliers so that you can compare prices and find the best deal.

Our Advantages of CNC turning?

At Tik Precision, we offer a wide range of high quality lathe parts machining services. Our team of experts has years of experience and is committed to producing parts that meet the highest standards. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our parts are of the highest quality. In addition to producing parts, we can also provide additional services such as turning, milling, and surface grinding. We also offer rapid prototyping and short-term production services. With our years of experience and top-notch equipment, you can rest assured that you will get the best parts for your project. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our lathe parts machining services.

Our Quality Control and CNC turning Services

At Tik precision, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality machining services possible. To ensure that our products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, we have implemented a rigorous quality control process.

All of our products are inspected for dimensional accuracy and surface finish before they leave our facility. In addition, we perform regular maintenance and calibration on all of our equipment to ensure that it is operating at peak performance.

Our state-of-the-art CNC turning machines allow us to produce parts with extremely tight tolerances. We can also customise each part to your specific requirements. Whether you need a one-off prototype or large volume production run, we can help.

Our Shipping and after-sales service

CNC turning machining is a type of computer-controlled machining process in which rotating tools remove material from a workpiece to create finished parts or products. The process is typically used to produce cylindrical parts, but it can also be used to produce other types of shapes.

CNC turning machines are powered by computer software that controls the rotation of the tool and the speed at which it removes material. This allows for extremely precise control over the final shape and size of the part or product being produced.

Once a part or product has been machined using CNC turning, it may need to undergo additional finishing steps before it is ready for use. These steps may include heat treating, surface coating, or assembly.

At Tik precision, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality CNC turning services to our customers. We have a team of experienced professionals who operate our state-of-the-art CNC turning machines to produce parts and products that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

In addition to our CNC turning services, we also offer shipping and after-sales service. We can ship your finished parts or products anywhere in the world, and our after-sales service team is always available to answer any questions you may have about your order.

The Industries of CNC turning

There are a variety of industries that use CNC turning machines to create their products. These industries include but are not limited to the automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics industries. In the automotive industry, CNC turning machines are used to create engine parts, transmission parts, and suspension parts. In the aerospace industry, CNC turning machines are used to create aircraft components. In the medical industry, CNC turning machines are used to create implants and prosthetics. In the electronics industry, CNC turning machines are used to create circuit boards and other electronic components.