Custom Impeller

Custom impeller is a rotating component of a pump which transfers energy from a driveshaft to the fluid by accelerating it outwardly from the centre of rotation by a set of vanes. Usually made of metal, the impeller’s vanes often have compound curves and are tightly spaced, which makes the process of impeller machining a difficult task. We have 10 year experience for the impeller and other rotor components machining.

Adopt ISO9001

Quality system certification


CNC Machining Impeller

We CNC machining Impeller have very complicated structure. In actual application process, Custom impeller spins fast, and the tangential speed of rim is fast. The flow situation in the impeller is complicated, and usually under high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment. We are custom Integral impeller design and quality have a crucial impact on the turbomachinery equipment’s performance. Tik precision manufacture impellers in custom configurations to meet the exact requirements of your specifications. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of precision machining services products, we have the specialized 5 Axis machining skills for producing exceptional quality custom impeller that meet or exceed your performance objectives.

We have machined over 1,000 different configurations from 0.39 inch(10 mm) diameter to 23.6 in(600mm) diameter, utilizing our proprietary Impeller Machining System and our “5-Axis” computer controlled Machining Centers.


Custom Impeller Manufacturing Services

Since 2010, Tik precision has specialized in the manufacturing of Small and medium bladed, rotating components for the aircraft, energy and turbomachinery industries. We have machined thousands of different configurations from 10mm diameter to over 600mm diameter, By utilizing our proprietary Impeller Machining System and the highest concentration of 5-axis machining centers , rapid turnaround is achieved. Our state-of-the-art computers and CNC machining centers provide quality parts to your specifications.

Products from Tik precision are being used right now in applications from compressor wheel, to boat propellers.

5 Axis Machined Impeller

These custom Impeller are manufactured from 5 Axis machining center, heat resistant materials to within ±0.002" tolerances, then laser marked, assembled, and quality checked in strict accordance with ISO9001:2015

5 Axis CNC Impeller Machining

5 Axis CNC machine is used for machining complex parts. At present, It is the only method to solve the machining of the Impellers, turbines, eccentric axis, multifaceted, irregular, convex, and concave parts and so on.

CNC Machining Impeller for Turbomachinery

We manufacture bladed, rotating components used in turbo jet engines, turbocharger, gas turbine ,turbo blower, oil-free air compressor, centrifugal pump. Tik precision engineers have extensive experience and knowledge of vane grinding through direct involvement on bespoke customer projects. 5-axis machining has featured in high efficiency and high precision; Single setup helps save time and money. It not only shortened the time but also greatly improved machining tolerance, standard tolerance of components is +/- 0.005 inches, and tighter tolerances can be discussed We manufacture impellers and turbine from aluminum, PEEK, Titanium and high-temperature metals. Our manufacturing processes incorporate numerous quality checkpoints as well as rigorous final test and CMM and 3D scan inspection. By providing you with precisely accurate products, you are assured the pressure and flow objectives of your application are met.

Custom Impeller Processing


Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM software including Concepts NREC software we are able to provide the highest level of quality and flexibility.


Highly skilled machinists apply the appropriate cutting strategy, cutting tools and machines to produce complex parts to meet customers requirements.


Our balancing department uses dynamic balancing equipment to verify specifications are met.


Metrology standards are applied to ensure process control meets manufacturing specifications. we use brand CMM and 3D scan equipment for the inspection.

Processing Case Chart

Tik Precision CNC processes all kinds of turning, drilling, milling, and grinding parts, provides customized services for processing parts in all walks of life, and has rich experience in processing

Part Size Application Machining Process Used Material Specific Feature
Automotive Lens mold 120*120*60 (MM) Automotive light Five Axis milling S136 Mirror Grinding
Automotive light guide 220*220*6 (MM) Automotive light Five Axis milling PMMA Radius and polish
Automotive light reflector 98*35*28 (MM) Automotive light Five Axis milling Aluminum 6061-T6 Surface roughness
Turbine wheel 400MM*700MM Marine Five Axis milling Aluminum 7075-T6 Runout tolerence
Impeller 360MM* Turbo Centrifugal blower Five Axis milling Aluminum 7075-T6 Runout tolerence
Aluminium main valve body 86.16*35.3*35.3mm Medical Turn-milling Aluminum 6061-T6 High surface
treatment requirment

Product Display

What finishes are available for CNC Milling?

As Machined

Surface roughness can be specified using Ra value. Ra3.2 - 1.6um as standard.

Bead Blast

Bead blast size: 80um as standard. 50-120um available.

Anodised Type 2

Standard: Clear / natural, black, red, green, blue, yellow / gold. Close match to specified RAL numbers.

Anodised Type 3

Standard: Black or Grey. Much duller in look, but has much better surface protection.



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