The Benefits of Choosing a Good CNC Machining Service Manufacturer

The Benefits of Choosing a Good CNC Machining Service Manufacturer

If you haven’t used CNC machining services, you may not know the huge benefits they can bring to your business. Professional CNC turning can make your brand more visible, make your customers happier, and achieve greater success in many ways. This type of CNC machining service enables precise cuts. Since a CNC lathe is constantly running, it is the best choice for large production runs, except for occasional maintenance. So if you need to mass-produce one or more parts, you can do it quickly while maintaining quality. By choosing an excellent manufacturer of CNC machining services, no matter what part or product you need to manufacture, you will receive a finished product that exceeds your expectations.


What Determines a CNC Machining Services Quotes

Have you ever learned about the factors that affect the CNC machining services quotes? Here are a few factors to consider when calculating the cost of CNC machining services:
1. Material
This is a very important factor that machinists take into account when doing CNC machining cost calculations. Since CNC machining is a subtractive process, it tends to use more material than the final product. The two main materials used in CNC machining are metal and plastic. 1. Metal, 6061 aluminum block, aluminum 6061 block; common metal types used in CNC machining include aluminum 6061, stainless steel 303, and brass C360. Machinists use aluminum 6061 the most because it combines economical price with good machinability. Stainless steel 303 and brass C360 offer a higher degree of machinability and therefore cost more. 2. Plastic; CNC machining is cheaper due to the lower average price of bulk material, its lower hardness and shorter machining time.

2. Processing cost
Machining costs depend on the type of machine. The two main types of machines used in CNC machining are mainly: 3-axis machines and multi-axis machines.

3. Labour
Since the CNC machining process involves a lot of automation, the labor cost of the CNC manufacturing process is mainly divided into three types: 1. Programming; this part of the labor cost is the most expensive because it involves design and digital costs. You need to outsource the product to a designer to make the CAD file. Next is the manufacturing engineer, who checks your design for repeatability and suggests improvements. The last person is a programmer who converts CAD files to CAM files to help CNC machines understand the design. All this expertise comes at a price. 2. Setup; this part concerns the machine operator. He spends his time setting up machines for custom CNC jobs and making sure everything is performed in a way that produces good results. Setup costs depend on the number of parts to be produced. 3. Post-processing; After production, your production will require some assembly and shipping to your desired location. These processes will involve some manual labor, which incurs additional costs.


CNC Machining Services Pricelist

You can fill out the online form for information and view the CNC machining services pricelist.