Titanium: An Introduction


Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance, titanium is the ideal metal for demanding applications.

The combination of these properties, as well as titanium’s high tensile strength, has led to titanium’s widespread use in aerospace, medical and defense applications.

Titanium Information

Features Info
Subtypes Titanium grades 1 and 2
Process Fabrication of sheet metal and CNC machining
Intolerance With drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm Without drawing: ISO 2768 medium
Applications Fasteners, engine components, aircraft components, marine applications
Finishing Options Blasting, tumbling, and passivation of media

Subtypes of Titanium Available

Types of subtypes Tensile strength (yield strength) Break elongation Hardness Density Temperature maximum
Titanium Grade 1 The pressure ranges from 170 to 310 MPa 24 percent HB 120 Excellent 320 – 400 °C
Titanium Grade 2 The pressure ranges from 275 to 410 MPa 20-23 percent HRB 80-82Excellent 320 – 430 °C