POM: An Introduction


As a homopolymer or copolymer, POM (Polyoxymethylene) demonstrates excellent dimensional stability, stiffness, impact and temperature resistance.

The POM material is commonly used in the fabrication of pipe components, gear bearings, household appliances, automotive parts, consumer electronics, and other products.

POM Information

Features Info
Color White, Black, Brown
Process Injection molding and CNC machining
Intolerance Drawing: up to +/- 0.005 mm No drawing: ISO 2768 medium
Applications Applications requiring high rigidity and strength, such as gears, bushings, and fixtures
Price $$

Subtypes of POM Available

Types of subtypes Tensile strength (yield strength) Break elongation Hardness Density Temperature maximum
150 Delrin PSI of 9,000 25 percent M90 Rockwell 1.41 g/㎤ 0.05 lbs / cu. in. 180°F
Filled with 13% PTFE, Delrin AF The pressure ranges from 7,690 to 8,100 PSI 10.3 percent R115-R118 Rockwell 1.41 g/㎤ 0.05 lbs / cu. in. 185°F
Glass-filled Delrin (30%) PSI of 7,7006 percent M87 Rockwell 1.41 g/㎤ 0.06 lbs / cu. in. 185°F