PEEK: An Introduction


High-temperature resins such as PEEK are used in safety-critical industries such as medical, aerospace, and automotive. This material is durable, flame-retardant, and provides excellent strength and dimensional stability.

PEEK Information

Features Info
Color Beige opaque
Process Injection molding and CNC machining
Intolerance With drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm Without drawing: ISO 2768 medium
Applications High-stress metal alternative
Price $

Subtypes of PEEK Available

Types of subtypesTensile strength (yield strength)Break elongationHardnessDensityTemperature maximum
Take a peekA pressure of 14,000 pounds per square inchTwenty percentR125 Rockwell0.047 lbs per cubic inch.480°F
Glass-filled PEEK (30%)A pressure of 14,000 pounds per square inchThree percentR126 RockwellA density of 0.054 pounds per cubic inch.480°F