PC (Polycarbonate)

PC (Polycarbonate): An Introduction


PC (polycarbonate) is an amorphous thermoplastic with good electrical insulation properties and moderate chemical resistance.

For the production of instrument panels, pumps, valves, and other parts in the automotive industry, PC is commonly used in rod and plate formats. In addition to protecting gear, medical devices, and intermal mechanical parts, it is also used in other sectors.

Polycarbonate Information

Features Info
Color Clear, black
Process Injection molding and CNC machining
Intolerance As low as +/- 0.005 mm with drawing No drawing: ISO 2768 medium
Applications Transparent parts, heat-resistant pipes
Price $

Subtypes of Polycarbonate Available

Types of subtypes Tensile strength (yield strength) Break elongation Hardness Density Temperature maximum
Polycarbonate (PC) PSI of 8,000 110 percent R120 Rockwell 1.246 g/㎤ 0.045 lbs / cu. in. 180°F