Brass: An Introduction


A metal alloy made of copper and zinc, brass has excellent electrical conductivity and is easy to machinate. In addition to its low friction properties and gold-like appearance, brass is also commonly used in the architecture sector as well as the manufacture of gears, locks, pipe fittings, musical instruments, and more.

Brass Information

Features Info
Subtypes Brass C360
Process Fabrication of sheet metal and CNC machining
Intolerance Drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm No drawing: ISO 2768 medium
Applications Pipe fittings, gears, lock components, and ornamental applications
Finishing Options Blasting the media

Subtypes of Brass Available

Types of subtypesTensile strength (yield strength)Break elongationHardnessDensityTemperature maximum
Brass C360Brass C360 is a soft metal with the highest lead content among brass alloys. Brass C360 has the best machinability of all brass alloys and causes minimal wear on CNC machines.The majority (53%)B35 Rockwell0.307 lbs per cubic inch.1650°F