CNC Plastic Machining Services

What is CNC Plastic Machining Services?

What is CNC plastic machining services ? Plastic part machining is the mechanical removal of excess material into the final product. It is one of the most widely used materials in manufacturing due to its versatility, low cost and durability. Some common industries that require plastic processing are construction, medical, automation, etc. The rapid development of CNC machining technology can enable products to achieve higher precision in the final product. There are many methods of plastic processing, the following are the common ones:
Drilling: Performed on drills and lathes, drilling is the process of creating a hole in a piece of material that is held to the surface by rotating the tool through the workpiece.
Milling: Milling involves a cutting tool attached to a spindle that rises and descends into a material attached to a sliding table. Cutting tools create complex shapes as the table moves.
Turning: In this machining process, the tool is usually continuously rotated parallel to the workpiece until the desired shape is obtained.


CNC Machining Service Quotes

CNC machining is widely used in various industries. For CNC machining service quotes, different manufacturers have different prices. The factors that affect the quotation are: 1. Material; material is one of the main cost elements in CNC machining quotation. Different types of materials (eg plastic, metal) will have different quotes. 2. Mechanical settings and programming; simple parts only need simple settings, but parts that require complex designs require complex settings, which take more time and increase costs. 3. Secondary finishing; some parts require surface finishing, heat treatment, deburring, milling, stamping and electroplating. Fourth, mass production; the charge of CNC machining workshops for mass production equipment is generally higher than that of specialized prototype or intermediate production workshops. Quotations for CNC machining services often need to consider these points.


CNC Machining Service Manufacturer

When choosing a CNC machining service manufacturer, you can first learn about some of the business aspects of their company online. Choosing a CNC machining service company with rich experience can bring a good service experience to customers. Our CNC machining service company is able to provide the service.