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Online CNC Machining Services Factories

CNC Machining Services Factories, Manufacturers can provide customers with customized online CNC machining services on the network. High-quality machining shops can make simple or complex custom designs. Online CNC machining services factories provides rapid prototyping, small batch processing and high volume production, all orders are one-stop service from our suppliers. The customer uploads the CAD design file and can get the price, delivery time and availability of the CNC machined part they want to customize. We are able to process metals and plastics quickly, and manufacturers can develop products at favorable prices for their customers. We strictly control CNC machining to ensure that you can obtain high-quality CNC machining products on time.


Large CNC Machining Services

What is CNC machining? CNC or Computer Numerical Control Machining is a common manufacturing process that uses automated fast cutting tools to create a product from raw material. Standard CNC machines include 3-, 4- and 5-axis mills, lathes and routers. Machinists control and operate CNC machine tools by programming tool paths. We are CNC machining service factory, we have fully equipped modern workshop with a large number of 3/4/5 axis CNC and machinery, including 10 sets of 5 axis precision CNC machinery. If you want large CNC machining services, we are also able to serve customers.


CNC Machining Service near me

CNC machines can cut any metal and rigid plastic with high precision and repeatability, resulting in machined parts for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, mechanical, electronics, and more. If you are looking for CNC machining service near me, our Tik Precision is a good choice. We offer CNC Machining Services, Precision Machining Services, 5 Axis Machining Services, Impeller Turbine Machining, CNC Milling Services, CNC Turning Services, Lighting Prototyping, Best Rapid Prototyping Services and more.