CNC Machining Service Turning Parts

What is CNC Machining Service Turning Parts?

CNC turning is a form of CNC machining. CNC machining service turning are used by machinists to create round, cylindrical and tapered parts. Although it is inferior to CNC milling in some ways, CNC machining service turning parts has become one of the most popular CNC machining and rapid prototyping services. Machine tools that perform CNC turning are called CNC lathes or CNC turning centers. They differ from CNC mills in that they rapidly rotate the workpiece in the chuck, but not the tool. A cutting tool attached to the turret moves under computer commands to the rotating workpiece and removes material if necessary. The biggest advantage of turning is its ability to create circular profiles, which is more difficult than other CNC machining services to achieve perfect roundness.CNC Machining Services Turned parts have a high degree of precision, which makes them a valuable technique for machining precise sized holes with set tolerances. In most cases, CNC turning is done first, allowing the machinist to mill further (asymmetric) details on the part.


The benefits of outsourcing CNC machining service


When manufacturing companies do not have specific in-house CNC machining capabilities, they outsource these tasks to other companies to save money and time. The cost of in-house machining includes expensive equipment, experienced workers and space to accommodate new operations. The benefits of outsourcing CNC machining services are: 1. Rely on seasoned veterans to manufacture new components with tight tolerances and precise specifications. 2. Equipment: Even a CNC machine is expensive and may not make economic sense if it is only used to produce a few parts. 3. Scale up: Outsourcing low-volume parts also allows OEMs to focus on the most important parts and products that bring in the most business. 4. Quality Control: Many companies have excellent internal quality control and related certifications, proving their expertise.


CNC Machining Services China


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