CNC Machining Service For Small Batch

CNC Machining Service For Small Batch

There are many methods of small batch prototype processing, such as CNC machining, simple molds made of silicone, 3D printing, etc. So, how to choose cnc machining service for small batch? 1. Fast delivery. In order to meet this requirement, the CNC machining service company must have complete CNC machining workshop equipment, and all manufacturing processes can be completed in the CNC machining workshop. 2. The ability to design optimization. According to CNC machining technology, reduce the time cost of structural optimization for customers and provide customers with solutions. 3. Stable quality and cheap price.


CNC machining service manufacturers

In order to achieve both, the team and the quality system must be involved together. This is a prerequisite for finding a professional CNC machining service company. It would be great if the CNC machining service manufacturers could provide CNC machining service free sample. A good CNC machining service manufacturer can guarantee the precision and quality of the CNC machined part structure while guaranteeing the beautiful appearance of the product.


CNC machining service pricelist

CNC machining service prices depend on various factors such as the size and weight of the machine, speed, power and machine configuration. Involving more complex parts, CNC milling is more expensive than other types of machining operations. The machining cost increases with the number of axes of the milling machine. For example, in the case of 5-axis machining, it costs more than a 3-axis machine. Larger sized parts require more raw materials and time to manufacture, so they will cost more than smaller parts. Materials are also one of them, and the price of the final product made by a CNC machine depends on the type of material needed to make the product. In contrast, plastic materials are less durable and therefore less expensive to process than stainless steel. Fill out the form online to get a CNC machining service pricelist.


CNC machining services inc & Basic CNC milling machine parts

CNC machine tools are important equipment for CNC machining service inc. CNC machines are widely used in subtractive manufacturing and are fast, reliable and complex. Basic CNC milling machine parts: 1. Base; 2. Turret; 3. The saddle; 4. Frame; 5. Table; t6. Spindle; 7. Axes; 8. Knees; 9. Column; 10. Cutting tool; 11. Coolant supply pipe;12. Control Panel; 13. Arbor; 14. Pendant head.