Brass CNC Machining Services

Brass CNC Machining Services

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy ideal for making CNC machined parts, including CNC milled parts. Brass CNC milling applies a piece or sheet of paper to a template below the spindle, which holds the tool. The characteristics of brass milling in brass CNC machining services are: long shelf life, strong wear resistance, good ductility, flexibility and rust resistance, easy to shape, excellent tensile strength, and rust resistance. Suitable for CNC precision machining. Brass classification for CNC machining, brass processed by pressure: red brass; lead brass; nickel brass; half-pass Parker; iron-manganese brass. Brass CNC machined products are used in many industries.


Brass CNC Machining Service Supplier

The simplest brass is a combination of copper and zinc. Alloying brass in combination with other metals such as tin, aluminum, lead and iron can produce special brass alloys. Numerous brass alloys are used for CNC machining, have a variety of properties, and are used in a variety of industries. In addition to being extremely economical to produce parts by machining, brass has good strength and excellent corrosion resistance potential, among a variety of other properties. If your product will be used in a salt water environment, you may wish to avoid C385 and use C464 or C443. Before choosing a brass CNC machining service supplier, you need to choose the right brass material for your machining project. In this way, you can rely on brass CNC machining service supplier for processing and production.


Cheap Aluminum CNC Machining Service

Aluminum is one of the most widely used CNC machining materials because it is ideal for making custom metal parts and prototypes such as brackets, baseplates and radiator housings. Aluminum has excellent machinability and can be heat treated to high strength and hardness. Identifying the best aluminum for CNC machining without compromising final quality or exceeding budget is often a challenge for CNC machining services companies and customers.Choosing a cheap aluminum CNC machining service without compromising quality is also a challenge.