Brass CNC Machining Service Factory

Brass CNC Machining Service Factory

Are you looking for CNC machined materials with good mechanical properties, strong corrosion resistance, good ductility and high electrical conductivity? If so, then you can consider brass CNC machining. You can learn about the benefits of CNC machining of brass: 1. High-speed machining with excellent machinability, sometimes referred to as 100% machinability. 2. Precision machining and dimensional stability, small deformation coefficient and high impact resistance, brass parts maintain dimensional stability. Provide customers with CNC precision machining services. 3. High compatibility between workpiece and tool, in brass CNC machining, chip formation is negligible, so tool wear is minimal. 4. Availability of various material grades. 5. Higher productivity and profit, as a fast and precise machining process, brass CNC machining improves machining efficiency. 6. Brass CNC machining is environmentally friendly, and missing materials can be 100% recycled. Knowing some of the benefits of brass CNC machining services, just look for a brass CNC machining service factory.


Design Guidelines Before Choosing the Best Custom CNC Machining Service

The design of custom CNC machined parts is required before selecting a custom CNC machining service manufacturer. Helpful design guidelines to help you reduce manufacturing costs and obtain high-quality parts. 1. Tooth decay; you should design the cavity and cavity to be less than four times the width of the cavity. This is because end mill tools have limited cutting lengths, so you may experience tool deflection and vibration when making cavities with small depth-to-width ratios. 2. Wall thickness; thin walls are prone to vibration during CNC machining, which reduces the achievable tolerance and precision of the machined parts. Therefore, you should design a minimum wall thickness of 0.8 mm for metal parts and 1.5 mm for plastic parts. 3. Holes; you should design the holes to have a standard diameter. This allows you to create these holes with standard drill sizes and without the need for special end mill tools. 4. Tolerance: Tolerance is the allowable variation in the size of the machined part, but it is still allowed to work normally. Tighter tolerance requirements generally result in higher manufacturing costs. Choose the best custom cnc machining service to bring you a better service experience.


Best CNC Machining Service Factories

As mentioned above, best CNC machining service factories can bring customers the best customized CNC machining and a better experience.