Benefits of Brass CNC Machining Service

Benefits of Brass CNC Machining Service

Brass is one of the most commonly used materials due to its excellent machinability and versatility. Brass is formed by adding zinc to copper, the exact amount of zinc depends on the grade. (The higher the zinc content, the higher the strength and ductility of the brass.) Brass CNC machining service can manufacture precision brass parts for a variety of applications and industries. Several advantages of brass CNC machined parts: 1. Durability; good mechanical properties and wear resistance, and high heat resistance. Brass has a melting point in excess of 900°F, making it an excellent choice for high temperature environments. 2. Corrosion resistance; because brass does not contain iron, it will not rust like other metals. Extended service life and reduced maintenance costs. 3. Low coefficient of friction; Brass has a very low coefficient of friction and is an ideal material for gears, bearings and seals. Brass components for tight sealing and smooth, high-speed operation. 4. Excellent machinability; brass CNC machining can easily realize precision parts. With good ductility, ductility and dimensional stability, it can be machined into precision tolerance parts of various shapes and sizes. 5. High-speed machining; Brass is one of the easiest metals to machine because of its high tensile strength and shear resistance.


Brass CNC machining service manufacturer

The advantages of brass make it used to make excellent precision parts in a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical, electronics and plumbing. With brass CNC machining, your parts can be produced quickly, resulting in faster delivery and lower part costs. If you need a brass CNC machining service manufacturer, you can contact the CNC machining service manufacturer online or by email.


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Brass does not have any negative effect on tool wear, chip formation or surface finish at high speeds and feeds, unlike aluminum (which tends to stick to cutting tools) or titanium (which overheats at high cutting speeds). But aluminum CNC machining also has its advantages, and it is necessary to choose the right material for different applications. Aluminum CNC machining service supplier provide customers with a variety of CNC machining services.