Aluminum CNC Milling Machining Service

Aluminum CNC Milling Machining Service

CNC milling is a CNC machining process that removes material using a rotating tool that moves in multiple axes. We have high-precision equipment and experienced technicians, as well as 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling centers. Aluminium is a material mainly used for CNC machining, which is light in weight, soft, easy to handle, maneuverable and durable. Aluminum is superior to steel in the automotive, aerospace, military and other machining industries. In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology and the growing requirements of the industrial economy have led to more and more industries using aluminum and aluminum alloy components, especially automotive suppliers. They go straight to aluminum alloy instead of steel for more benefits. If you are looking for a reliable aluminum CNC milling machining service company, our CNC machining service company can serve you.

What is 5-axis CNC machining service?

What is 5-axis CNC machining? 5-axis CNC machining is where the cutting tool can move in five directions simultaneously. In addition to the X, Y, and Z axes, these machines can utilize any of the two axes of rotation, A, B, and C. These are called rotation axes because they rotate around the X, Y and Z semi-axes, circular or more appropriately at 180 degree angles. Due to the advantages of this rotary axis, 5-axis CNC machining services are often preferred in industries that require complex machining. CNC machining is widely used in various industries to manufacture different types of simple or complex parts. 5-axis CNC machining services are also widely used.

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CNC machined parts are widely used, especially in medical, military and aerospace engineering. Precision machined CNC parts are also becoming common. Among CNC machining materials, aluminum is one of the most commonly used machining materials. Compared to other metals such as steel, CNC aluminum parts are cheaper and can be machined in a short time. It has outstanding advantages. First, it is soft and high, and it is easy to bend; after stamping, it can easily manufacture the parts that customers want. Second, low temperature resistance; compared with steel, aluminum can be easily processed at low temperature. Three, easy to process; four, can be customized. If you need, you can get good service from our aaa CNC machining services inc.