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5-axis machining services

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What is a 5 Axis CNC machining?

5 Axis CNC machining is the process that is all about using the CNC for moving different parts or cutting equipment across five separate axes at once. This makes it easy to produce highly intricate parts, which is also the reason why 5 axis CNC machining is highly common in the aerospace operations. One thing that has a major contribution to an increasing use of 5 axis CNC machining is the demand for increasing adeptness and reducing the production time needed from the beginning to the completion of an actual procedure.

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5 Axis Machining China

Custom 5-Axis CNC Milled Parts
Milling is a process akin to drilling or cutting, using a cylindrical cutting tool that can rotate along multiple axes – which is something traditional drilling cannot do. Utilizing Computer Numerical Control allows a greater degree of accuracy, making CNC 5 axis milling a reliable production method for creating shapes, holes, slots and impressions for your custom milled parts.

Our CNC milling machines are capable of up to five-axis machining, delivering precision to +/-0.0002 inches on critical features. A five-axis CNC milling machine is considered to be among the most versatile. It allows us to shape very intricate parts and components, such as aerospace and auto parts, scale models, medical devices, and much more. 5 axis machines allow parts to be completed with minimal setups reducing the cost of simpler components.

At Tik Precision, we produce parts for customers in countless industries. We have provided 5 axis machining services for: 

Aircraft/Aerospace, Alternative Power,Medical, Military Grade Products, Oil and Gas, Compressor, Computer Technology, Electronics, Fastener Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Industry, Marine Vehicles & Equipment, Medical Devices, Mining Industry, Military, Optics, Semiconductor, Manufacturing, Sports Equipment & Technology, Testing Equipment …among many others.

5-axis precision machining
Small batch machining parts
Five-axis machining center

Custom Five Axis CNC turning parts

CNC turning is another very common process for machining custom parts. It involves a turning lathe rotating a part while a single point cutting tool moves parallel to the axis of rotation, shaping the material as instructed by the computer code programmed by our skilled precision engineers. Fast, efficient, detailed – and to a far greater level of precision than could ever be achieved by hand.
Our machines can manufacture parts and components up to 680*450*400cm in size.

How does 5-axis machining parts?

The 5-axis machining center is often used in high-end manufacturing as a highly automated intelligent processing equipment. The five-axis machining center is suitable for machining free-form surface parts, turbine parts and impellers on aircraft ships. We can find that the  workpieces suitable for the machining of the five-axis machining center have the characteristics of high degree of surface and difficult to be formed by one-time clamping. Therefore, the five-axis machine tool can process the different sides of the workpiece without changing the position of the workpiece on the machine. Improve the processing efficiency of prismatic parts.

The five-axis machining center has three moving axes of X, Y and Z and any two rotating axes. Compared with the traditional three-axis machining center, the five-axis linkage technology of the 5 Axis machining center is used to process workpieces with complex geometry. The tool can be positioned and operated in five degrees of freedom.

The five-axis machining center is a particularly effective device for processing facets, boxes, and complex chambers. It has a significant influence on a country's aerospace, military research, precision equipment, automotive parts, high-precision medical equipment and other fields.

Benefits of 5-axis machining

5-axis machining provides a number of added benefits over 3-axis machining.

Significant reduction in processing time

5 axis CNC machining helps in saving more time than the other conventional types. Parts made in most of the CNC shops have to get machined on the five sides. 5 axis CNC machining helps in doing the job effectively and fast in production. The single setup is needed a little also, which saves both money and time. The end products reach the market faster this way. The best precision five-axis machining factory in China.

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Improved precision in machining

5 axis CNC milling offers greater accuracy because it doesn’t need too much setups. Added setups can only invite more errors. It also increases the durability of specific tools because of the widespread use of short cutting tools.

The added movement of a 5-axis machine allows the parts to be in closer contact to the cutting tool. The fourth and fifth axis can be reached through a shorter tool that vibrates less, resulting in a smoother and more precise surface finish.

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Quality of the surface finish

This kind of configurations help in creating surfaces having better finish. The parts are situated comparatively closer to cutting tools in 5 axis CNC machines. The final two axes will allow one to use the short cutting tools that don’t vibrate too much, and this will significantly impact the quality of the surface finish. Another great fact about 5 axis CNC machines is their ability to cut intricate shapes.

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Lower Cost and Lead Time

5-axis machining reduces several inaccuracies of traditional 3-axis machining by handling the part less, resulting in the lowest possible cost per part. It also increases tool life and reduces the need for expensive fixtures. Longer lead times are required when using a 3-axis machine because of the amount of set up time required. If you need many of the same pieces produced, lead time will be shortened significantly by using a 5-axis machine with multiple pallets.

Here are a few examples of parts that can be machined using a 5-axis machine:

Precision accessories
Aluminum Parts
Small impeller
Precision brass mold
External treatment
Hardware artwork

When Should You Choose A 5-Axis Machining Process?

5-Axis CNC Machining is very popular in the oil and gas, automobile, aerospace, compressor processing, medical, robotics, Defense, boating, and alternative power industries. This machining is used when you want to handle complex parts with a single setup, need precision, increased productivity, improved finishing, multidimensional cutting and shaping, small runs, faster turnaround times, and other features in processing a workpiece.

They are used for military products, care molds, machine parts, titanium pieces, milling, artificial bones, and other products. It is used in work areas where a single step with minimum lead time is needed. It offers appropriate accessibility for cutting and shaping to part geometry.

When you are dealing with different materials, intricate parts, and a considerable workload, then this type of CNC machining is best. This machining is continuous, faster, and more straightforward with better outcomes. For high quality and efficiency, this machining is the best option.

Industries benefiting from 5 Axis machining

These products are typically used in highly specialized industries where accuracy can mean the difference between life and death. Medicine, military, aerospace, petrochemical, and other fields often use five-axis machining to create their custom parts:

Medical Components: Medical parts and tools require a design that's precise enough to ensure the elements used for surgery or replacement parts fit perfectly. Improper cuts or imperfect edges can render medical supplies unusable. This makes five-axis machining the preferred way to create customized medical tools and components.

Automotive Design: Modern vehicles are equal parts electronic and mechanical wonders. To ensure the proper fit of mechanical parts, five-axis machines may be used. Additionally, the smaller electrical housings and other parts may require the use of a higher-axis CNC machine.

Architectural Components: Architectural designs are essentially giant puzzles where the pieces must perfectly fit with each other. A small error in a cut on one component could put a building's design so far from its original intent that it does not pass inspection. Door frames are one example of architectural pieces that may need five-axis machining to create.

Military-Grade Products: The military uses the best of everything to protect the country. And when it comes to vehicles, weapons, and other products, consistency and precision are top requirements.

Petrochemical Industry Parts: Oil and gas components for rigs and refineries often have customized designs that need specialized machining to create. Since these parts are unavailable in stores, many petrochemical companies turn to CNC-machined parts for their facilities.

Aerospace Components: The precision needed by the aerospace industry for airplanes, rockets, satellites, and more can directly impact human lives. Poorly crafted parts on flying machines could prevent the systems from working together as they should, resulting in manufacturing defects that could contribute to a crash.

While five-axis CNC machines are useful for the above applications, some of them may be achieved using a three-axis machine with the right operator who is skilled in positioning the material and moving it to create cuts on different axes. Opting for a trained expert using a three-axis machine offers several advantages whenever you need custom parts created.

Multi Axis Machining Materials

To meet the needs of these wildly varying industries, we work with a range of materials. With our 5 axis CNC machining technology, we can produce parts and components from:

CNC Precision Metal Machining service

Aluminum – custom aluminum machining is strong and corrosion-resistant, and is ductile and easy to machine.

Stainless steel – Stainless steel cnc machining is inexpensive and has very useful physical properties like corrosion resistance and high durability.

Mild steel – Mild steel machining has a low carbon content and is easy to work with, since it’s less brittle than other types of steel. It’s also very inexpensive.

Alloy steel – Many different steel alloys containing between 5-50% of other alloyed elements are available.

Brass –CNC machining Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, with other elements occasionally added. It is very ductile and has good corrosion resistance.

Copper – machining Copper is conductive and is very soft and ductile, so it is typically alloyed with other metals before being machined using CNC equipment

Titanium – machining Titanium is often used in aerospace, medical devices, and high-performance cars due to its strength-to-weight ratio and ductility.

CNC Plastic Machining Services

ABS – ABS is strong, highly machinable and offers good impact resistance

Nylon PA – Nylon PA is resistant to impact and breaking, as well as abrasion and chemicals, making it common in many different fields of engineering

Polycarbonate (PC) – Polycarbonate is very durable and has many desirable properties for consumer goods and electronics 

Polyoxymethylene (POM) – Known as Acetal and Delrin, POM is a very versatile and durable plastic that is inexpensive and easy to machine using CNC tools

Acrylic (PMMA) – PMMA is very strong and durable, and often used for aircraft canopies, skylights and in automotive applications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – Known as Teflon, this plastic is highly heat-resistant and is a very good insulator.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) – This strong, weather-resistant plastic is often used for outdoor goods, pipes & fittings and chemical containers.

CNC Machining Surface Finishes

We offer in-house precision CNC machining surface finishes including:

Anodization (Type II &; Type III) – Anodization creates a layer of anodic oxide on aluminum, which provides corrosion resistance and durability, and can be used to change the color of the component.

Electroplating – Electroplating is used to add a thin, uniform layer of metal to a completed metal part.

Bead Blasting – Bead blasting uses tiny glass beads to create a uniform satin or matte appearance on the completed part for aesthetic purposes.

Polishing – Polishing is used to remove surface imperfections and buff the part or component to a mirror-like finish. surface roughness after polish is around RA0.01 μm-RA0.02μm.

Brushing – Brushing uses a fine, unidirectional grit to create tiny grooves in the metal component, leading to a unique appearance.

Laser engraving – Laser tools can be used to etch brand names, serial numbers and other information into completed parts.

Powder coating – Powder coating is used to add a layer of polymer paint, which enhances the appearance of the part and also adds durability and corrosion resistance.

As machined – This surface finish includes removal or sharp edges and deburring, but no further finishing. Tool marks will be visible. Typical surface roughness is around RA0.05 μm-RA0.1μm, 

Why Choose our 5-Axis CNC Machining Service?

We have expertise in the management of workforce, lifecycle quality management, engineering, and IT. Our workforce is highly professional and well-trained. You will get the best strategical and expertise of execution with our services.

Quality Parts

You will get complex machining parts. These parts are efficient and durable. Your special requirements are met with care and quality. You are ensured to get safe products and components without any defects.

Competitive Pricing

With good backing and global clients, our services are current to the market needs and competitive pricing. We ensure a customer-friendly price quote by keeping saving costs wherever possible. Let’s get started

Quality Management

The production efficiency, after-sales, logistics, raw material, and part design are done under expertise guidance. Before the dispatch, everything is ensured to be perfect, from quality packaging to timely deliveries.

Certified and qualified standards

Customized parts are observed for each detail and precision. The components are inspected thoroughly at each stage of manufacturing with a professional quality checking team.

CNC Prototyping Machining China Rapid Service

Tik precision is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, allowing us to give customers complete confidence in our control over materials and processes.

At Tik precision, we are technical experts in the field of multi-axis CNC machining. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and professionally qualified production staff, we perform high precision, close tolerance machining for industries that demand perfection. We manufacture complex parts that require extreme accuracy, superior surface finishes, and compliance with the most exacting industry standards for quality.

We operate a clean, modern, well-maintained facility that incorporates a large machining department. Our equipment assets include precisely calibrated 5 axis machining centers and multi-axis lathes with live tooling capabilities and automated material and part handling systems. By combining our encyclopedic knowledge of CAD design and CAM programming with our range of production machinery, we operate at peak efficiency. We develop innovative methods to machine complex parts from a single machining setup, which results in a high level of feature-to-feature relational accuracy. Also, by retaining precise workpiece positioning, we can uphold tight tolerances on dimensions, hole diameters, and aspects such as perpendicularity, cylindricity, parallelism, and flatness of 3D surface profiles.

We turn parts with dimensions as large as 18″ in diameter x 26″ in length and mill parts that measure up to 26″ long x 18″ wide. By paying attention to every detail, including feed rates, cutting tools, and cutting speeds, we uphold tolerances as close as ± 0.0002″.

With our precision, multi-axis machining capabilities, we offer complete product development solutions for the manufacture high-value parts for the aerospace, medical device, semiconductor, electronics, and military sectors. Our qualifications include ISO 9001:2015 certification. To learn more about our multi-axis machining services or to make an inquiry, contact us directly.

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