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Rapid tooling service

Rapid prototyping china is usually called Bridge Tooling or Soft Tooling. It is a fast way to trial-produce hundreds or even tens of thousands of plastic parts before mass production. It is used for design optimization and functional testing. Or use for verification before creation. In the process of automobile style and development, rapid mold manufacturing is not the main production process, but is more inclined to the research and development procedure. It can become a bridge between quick prototype trial production and mass production.

Rapid mold machining has a simplified mold structure and faster manufacturing speed than traditional production molds, so it reduces the production cost of molds and parts and saves project time. This is essential for the development work to successfully complete the test and enter full production Important.

Fast aluminum mold, receive plastic material parts in 3 weeks or less

Are you ready to manufacture parts in a more cost- and time-saving way? We combine traditional injection mold processing methods with aluminium mold manufacturing. Low-price mold prices and fast turnaround time will help you reduce manufacturing risks, and can quickly produce qualified products that meet the production quality within 2-3 several weeks. Injection molded parts.

Aluminum molds are usually made of high-quality 7000 series light weight aluminum alloy. It has excellent cutting performance, fast CNC feed and speed, rough machining efficiency is generally 3 to 5 5 times faster than ordinary steel, and can be used for EDM machining , Can also complete fine micro-milling digesting, polishing to mirror finish, or etching texture. Therefore, molds can be produced with lower production costs and shorter delivery times to save customer expenditures.

Quick injection molding, the simplified process isn't simple

Our experienced engineering team will work with you to determine the best production process according to your project goals and expectations, and provide cost-effective and reasonable suggestions in terms of design, materials, production procedure, manufacturability, etc.

Want to control the defects of injection molding? Get precise tolerances? Even optical grade parts? We have the ability to meet all your customized needs. Facts have proved that our fast tooling technology can not only produce Class A surfaces for car light guide components and transparent lampshades, but also provide strict tolerance control for functional test parts through precision machining capabilities.

Let any design problems be discovered and corrected before transferring to mass creation, we are your trusted supplier of little batch trial production.

Rapid prototyping services

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