Car light guide – CNC machining services

Product name:
Car daytime drving lights guide
220*220*6 (MM)
three-axis CNC machining
Surface treat:
transparent polishing
Overall accuracy:
Optical surface:
Lead Time:
3-7 days
1 piece



CNC machining services

5-axis CNC machining for the complex surface features, diamond-cutting tools can achieve top surface area quality, the minimum tool can machine to R0. 1mm to perfectly present the designer’s optical details. So it’s not only the appearance of perfect but also helps the optical designer to validate the luminosity. Car light guide

Possesses 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis engineering centers, we have the knowledge to machine clear plastic-type parts without scars.

Split and bond solutions could respond to machining costs saving and machining limitations. The visible bonding range on the acrylic surface can be wisely covered by a suitable splitting treatment and fine finish.

To ensure the delicate transparency for auto lenses, we strictly process surface with good sand-polish, from enhance paste to polish liquefied, to achieve the highest transparency on the Lens.

prototype light guide
Improved reflectivity, enhanced brightness intensity and light range are critical for vehicle light reflectors (reflector cups). Utilizing accurate 5-axis CNC machining equipment and high speed cutting techniques for machining car aluminum reflectors. Our engineers’ team focus on every engineering detail and design specification to help designers with every challenging project.

Lamp Bezel ,The diffuse light emitter as a universal optical style feature creates a three-dimensional impression of the radiation and ensures a high degree of uniformity of the illuminated surface area. The 5-axis COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL continuous milling and mirror polishing technology provide remarkable surface quality for the production of transparent polymer (PMMA) prototypes.