Quality assurance of rapid prototyping process

Prototype production expert certified by ISO

Our commitment to quality

For us, quality is not just simply manufacturing parts to specific dimensions, but also means that our customers can get the best quality experience at every step of the manufacturing process.

Rigorous inspection, measurement and testing

We have advanced inspection, measurement and testing equipment in-house, and a professionally trained quality engineering team will ensure that your project meets strict quality specifications. We will perform the required inspection procedure according to your standards, including incoming material inspection, first article and process inspection, final inspection and screening, and provide reports and certifications as needed.
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Quality control process throughout the entire process

Our quality control procedure starts from RFQ and continues until the final product is shipped. We track and analyze every step in the manufacturing process to make our projects go smoothly, and to make the parts as consistent as possible, and also to bring our customers a constant quality experience.
The qualified rate of finished products is not less than 95%, the on-time delivery rate isn't significantly less than 95%, and the customer satisfaction is more than 90%. Everything we have done has made us who we are today.

Five-axis precision machining service

The most professional precision manufacturing service.

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