PROCUREMENT CNC machining services Procurement process.
Get a quotation first: contact our professional quotation staff through our only official website ( to get the most professional quotation in the shortest time!
Before obtaining a quotation, you need to provide your design documents and processing materials. Then wait for our engineer for a quote.

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After you confirm the price, you can pay us through T&T. After we receive the payment, Tikprecision's engineers will further determine the design and implementation plan with you. Make sure that your product is in the final delivery without any problems.

Generally our delivery time is 1-10 days, please see "Why Tikprecision" for details.
Our transportation methods are: DHL, China Post, shipping, air transportation, etc.
Our business is global, and we aim to provide the world with the cheapest and best quality precision machining services. Five-axis precision machining is our main service.
Our factory & Some equipment

Five-axis precision machining service

The most professional precision manufacturing service.

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