CNC Turning Service

You can get a comprehensive one-stop rapid manufacturing solution,
becasue our CNC turn milling services workwith many other in-house
fabricating and finishing capabilities.

What is CNC Turning service?

CNC turning service is a substractive manufacturing process that create turned parts by rotating the rod material against a cutting tool, it is commonly used for functional prototypes and end-use parts with axial and radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots. If your parts design has symmetrical cylindrical or spherical features, CNC turning is recommended for you.

CNC Turning Capabilities

CNC turning machines can be categorized into two types: Lathe and CNC turning center. A lathe only have 2 axis, is the most affordable way to produce turned metal or plastic parts. A turning middle integrate milling, drilling, and sub spindle features and include a Y-axis, is commonly used for producing more complex designs.

Why CNC Machining with Tikprecision?

CNC Turning is safe

Having serious injury at work is not good but with CNC turning, the machines are the ones that work on behalf of the workers. In this way, laborers will now have the chance to avoid any accident while working because It will be the one to perform the trimming of the materials.

Fast Production

With CNC Turning, the production will be done quickly. you create hundreds and thousands of product continuously and all of which are exactly alike. The creation will be non-stop and the prototype could be produced in multitude.

Non-stop operation

With CNC Machining Services, the operation is unstoppable. The CNC machines can be operated continuously and can be turned off when maintenance will be conducted. In this manner, the production will not be affected.


CNC Turning does not need to be operated by several people since it is already programmed. In this way, you will be able to save some money and will not need to supervise the process all the time since you can leave it while it is working on its own.

How Do CNC Turning Centers Work?

Exploring the procedure of CNC turning centers requires an overview of its essential components, which include:

Chuck: Secures the bar of materials for machining.
Spindle: Rotates the chuck across axes for material shaping.
Turret: Moves the materials bar in coordination with the computer-aided style (CAD) or computer-aided production (CAM) blueprint.
Interface: Provides the operator with options for controlling and using turning centers.
For operators, the use and operation of a CNC turning center require the following steps:
  • Upload the appropriate CAD or CAM file.
  • Stock and secure the designated material bars in the chuck.
  • Initiate the machining process via the interface or control panel.
  • Ensure the coordination between the spindle, turret and chuck.

Benefits of CNC Turning Centers

With turning centers, your organization obtains several advantages, including:

Accuracy: For many companies, the precision of CNC turning is one of its most competitive benefits. By incorporating CAD or CAM files into the process, devices can follow strict measurements and eliminate the waste of natural human errors. That can result in improvements in your finances, productivity and more.
Flexibility: Another advantage of CNC turning centers is their flexibility for your diverse applications, as they offer a range of size capabilities. Our turning centers, for instance, come equipped in 18- to 0.5-inch diameters to match the needs of our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies.
Repeatability: By producing product batches with unparalleled accuracy, CNC turning provides exceptional repeatability. That lets your business maximize its output and reduce its losses, which can give you the freedom to invest your capital elsewhere.
For operators of all experience levels, a turning center tends to provide a minimal learning curve, optimizing training times.

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