Rapid Prototyping Professional CNC Turning Service

The delivery time of CNC turning service is about 10 days.

CNC turning service

Among all CNC machining services of Tik precision, certain types of parts require CNC turning. Turning is a CNC machining process in which the workpiece rotates at high speed in a chuck. Unlike CNC milling, the cutting tool does not rotate.
Materials that can be processed by CNC turning solutions:
Turning aluminum, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium and other metals and nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, POM, PP, PMMA, PTFE, PEI, PEEK and additional plastics.

Advantages of CNC turning

1. Cylindrical parts
CNC lathes are ideal for manufacturing round or cylindrical parts. The lathe can manufacture these parts quickly, accurately and with excellent repeatability.

2. Process scope
Although it is usually used for parts with specific shapes, CNC turning can still be used to perform a variety of cutting, including drilling, boring, threading, and knurling.

3. Professional quality
To understand more general advantages of TIKPRECISION for CNC machining services, please read the CNC machining services page.

What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is a special form of precision machining where the tool removes material by contacting a rotating workpiece. The movement of the machine is controlled by computer instructions, which has extremely high precision and repeatability.


Turning is different from CNC milling. In CNC milling, the trimming tool rotates and aligns the normally fixed workpiece from multiple angles. Since CNC turning involves rotating the workpiece in a chuck, it is generally used to create a circular or tubular shape, which can obtain a more precise circular surface than CNC milling or various other processes.

Like CNC milling, CNC turning can be used to rapidly produce prototypes.

CNC turning metal/plastic

Aluminum machining is a key part of the Tik precision service catalog, but CNC turning can also be used to machine metals such as magnesium, steel, stainless, brass, copper, bronze,and titanium .


CNC turning is commonly used for mechanical and cosmetic parts, which are usually made of aluminum (the easiest metal to machine). Aluminum parts can be manufactured from high strength and high precision, and have excellent surface finish.
Although precision machining is normally used for metals,


 Tikprecision can also provide CNC turning services for plastic parts. The materials that can be utilized for CNC turning include nylon, polycarbonate, Abdominal muscles, POM, PP, PMMA, PTFE, PEI, PEEK, which can provide more precise parts compared with 3D printing.


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