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CNC Machining Services

Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited provides a variety of precision CNC machining services, including milling, turning, EDM (electric discharge machining) and wire EDM as well as surface grinding. With our precision three-axis, four-axis and five-axis CNC machining centers, plus other advanced features and an experienced team, we can handle all the technical aspects of creating prototypes and parts, so your team can focus on pushing products To the market. If you need a precision machining company to process plastic and metal CNC machining parts, then Tik Precision Production Co., Limited is the best choice. Contact us now to get your manufacturing solutions and detailed information.


Advantages of CNC machining

There are a large number of

CNC machining services

providers. Why choose us? The following are the three main reasons:

1. Experience
Our engineers have accumulated rich and profound experience in many previous projects, so they can handle complex and precision parts in multiple industries without any problems.

2. Advanced equipment
Dongguan Guanyue Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a big amount of internal equipment for manufacturing and testing. Your parts will be manufactured and inspected by our advanced in-house gear, which includes HAAS 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling, Hexagon CMM and Olympus XRF analyzer

3. Fast turnaround
On average, we return the price within 24 hours, and the parts are sent in 7 days or less. Our delivery time and quality rate have reached 99%.

CNC machining tolerance

With a wide range of CNC machine tools, we can provide durable CNC machined parts at the most economical price and provide ultra-precision machined parts for high-end products. When using TIKPRECISION, we guarantee that all parts will be produced according to your specifications. If there is no 2D engineering drawing, you can also use ISO 2678 for instructions.

Precision Machining

In addition to standard tolerance CNC parts (such as ISO2678M or ISO2678F), Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited also provides high-precision CNC machining parts. With the help of high-precision milling machines and lathes, we are able to obtain extremely tight tolerances for prototype machining and production.

After working in manufacturing for more than 10 years, we discovered a simple formula to produce precision parts:
Precision machinery + precision heart = precision parts.

Tik Precision Production Co., Limited has a variety of CNC devices and experienced engineers who never compromise tolerances or part quality.

CNC milling service

Compared with CNC turning, CNC milling solutions (especially

5-axis machining services

) Can be used to create complex 3D shapes or apply machined surfaces or features to parts made of plastic and metallic. The advantages of the multi-axis milling machine make the CNC milling process versatile, accurate and repeatable, and can be used to create a variety of different types of complex geometrical component features. Examples include holes, curves, grooves, angled shapes and channels. Milling is also ideal for production die casting and plastic material injection molding molds.

CNC turning service

CNC turning services can rotate plastics and metals at high speeds from bars or blocks. The turning procedure allows the creation of complex external and internal geometries, including the creation of various threads. For any round parts, such as for example shafts, worms, balls, CNC turning is a more effective method than CNC milling. Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited’s turning capabilities can produce prototypes through mass production of parts.

Mold making

CNC machining and EDM are the main methods for manufacturing metal tools. These equipment are used for injection molding, high pressure die casting, blow molding, roll forming, stamping, mixing, etc.
High-speed CNC machine tools enable us to manufacture high-precision copper patterns, cavities, seats, lifters and other mold parts in a short time. In addition, using a five-axis milling machine, we are able to machine deep groove features for hours with EDM in the past few hours. This is how we can greatly speed up the mold manufacturing process


For several years, CNC machining has been an integral part of aerospace manufacturing. This is due in part to the extremely high precision of CNC machine equipment, making the process suitable for safety-critical components that will be used in aircraft.
Machinable aviation parts include prototype engine parts, fuel plates, landing gear parts and engine brackets.

Automobile industry

In the automotive industry, CNC machining may be the most popular method for creating concept cars and functional test parts such as lighting, engines, gearboxes and steering systems. It is also widely used in the creation of large quantities of auto parts and post-processing die-casting parts and investment casting parts.
It is particularly useful for custom car parts, because repairs or limited edition luxury cars may require these parts, because the cost of manufacturing couple of parts through the molding process is too high.


The machinability of varied grades of titanium and stainless steel makes CNC machining a trusted process in healthcare. This process is commonly used to produce implants, medical devices and scalpels (such as scalpels).
Tight tolerances and fast turnaround times are particularly important for items such as for example titanium hip implants, which should be customized to the patient's physical condition.

Consumer products

The machinability of various grades of titanium and stainless makes CNC machining a widely used process in healthcare. This technique is often used to manufacture implants, medical products and scalpels (such as scalpels).
Tight tolerances and fast turnaround occasions are particularly very important to items such as for example titanium hip implants, that ought to be personalized to the patient's health.

CNC machining materials and finishes

If you are considering production parts through CNC machining, it is important to know which materials and surface treatments can be utilized on CNC machined parts. Tik Precision Production Co., Limited located in China is not only a CNC shop. Thanks to our surface treatment partners, we are able to also apply all types of surface treatments to CNC prototype parts and production parts. Need customized CNC parts with high-quality appearance? Tik Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited can help you.

CNC material

Plastics: ABS, PC, ABS+PC, PP, PS, POM, PMMA (acrylic), PAGF30, PCGF30, Teflon, DHPE, HDPE, PPS, PEEK Learn more about our plastic processing
Metals: aluminum, steel, stainless steel (17-4, Inconel 625 and 718), magnesium, titanium, zinc, brass, bronze, copper.
These are the most commonly used components for CNC prototyping and creation parts. In addition, we can handle any type of processable plastics and metals purchased from the stock market. See more material and finish options
More importantly: We are able to create customized plastic-type blocks or strips for PA GF50, PPS GF50 and additional materials. To discover other plastic materials we can make, please contact our team.

CNC surface treatment

Processing technique: The most popular and cost-effective way for internal functional elements. Fine and uniform tool paths are also suitable for face parts.
Beading: The surface of the part is dull. The range of 120 to 320 beads allows us to create different roughness on the surface.
Anodizing: Type II produces a corrosion-resistant surface area. Parts can be anodized in different colors (the most common are transparent, black, red and blue), and are usually associated with low silicon element series aluminum. Type III is thicker, in addition to the corrosion resistance seen in type II, it also creates a wear layer.
Powder coating: This is the process of spraying powder coating onto parts and then baking them in an oven. This results in a strong, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating that is more durable than standard spray methods. A variety of colors can be used to create the desired aesthetic effect.

What is CNC machining?

What's CNC machining?

CNC machining is usually a manufacturing technique that removes materials. It uses sharp cutting tools of varied shapes and sizes, which are precisely controlled by a computer. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.
The working method of CNC machining
CNC machining starts with a computer, and designers make use of CAD (computer-aided design) software to prepare parts on the computer. Then convert the digital part into a format that can be recognized by CNC machine tools.

The command is sent to the CNC machine tool in the form of "G code", and the machine tool can start cutting.

Most CNC machine tools have a "table" and a workpiece fixing device to fix a piece of material (called a "workpiece") in place. The workbench may or may not move, depending on the style of the machine.

When machining starts, the cutting tool comes into contact with the workpiece, cutting away the materials layer. Move and/or quickly rotate the device and/or workpiece according to the G code guidelines to cut in the correct position until the part is completed.
Different types of CNC machine tools
CNC machines include CNC milling machines, CNC lathes (or lathes), CNC milling machines and electric discharge machining (EDM) machines.

CNC milling machine includes a rotating cutting tool, which can be moved to different areas of the workpiece for trimming, and can be utilized for many different taps. The CNC lathe works in another way, rotating the workpiece with a fixed cutting tool, and is used to make cylindrical parts.

CNC milling machine is similar to CNC milling machine, but with less power, it cannot cut the hardest materials. However, they may be faster than CNC milling machines.

EDM uses electrical discharge (spark) instead of sharp slicing tools to cut components. There is no physical contact between the device and the workpiece.

CNC machine tools are often defined by the number of axes. More axes means they can move their tools and/or workpieces in more ways, providing greater cutting flexibility and being able to manufacture more complex parts in less period.

CNC machining common problems

Why choose CNC machining?

CNC machining is a fast, accurate and versatile solution that can be used to manufacture any number of end-use plastic-type material and metal parts without the need to invest in hard molds or expensive equipment. No matter how simple or complicated the part is.
What materials can be utilized for CNC machining?
Many components can be used in CNC machining, such as aluminum, steel, brass, copper, titanium and hard plastics. Reach out to learn more about the types of materials that can be used.

Can I get CNC parts with strict tolerances from TIKPRECISION?
In terms of quality, speed and customer service, TIKPRECISION is known as one of the best CNC machining companies in China. Using high-quality CNC machine equipment, we can easily achieve a tolerance of +/- 0.02mm, and even a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm. But keep in mind that this may affect costs.

Five-axis precision machining service

The most professional precision manufacturing service.

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