CNC Machine Tool Services

CNC machine tool services and Types of CNC Machines

Different types of CNC machine tools are suitable for different industrial applications. To find the right CNC machine tool services, you need to understand some CNC machine tool types. Here are some of the most common:
Lathe: A CNC lathe rotates the workpiece against the tool, removing excess material in the process. These machines typically produce cylindrical objects and can perform many processes, such as cutting threads and radii.
Milling: One of the most common types of CNC machine tools, CNC milling machines can be controlled using a computer and can be commanded to move the spindle as directed. These machines are capable of drilling, milling, grooving, tapping and turning. Milling machines can cut in multiple axes, greatly reducing setup time.
Plasma Cutter: CNC plasma cutters use plasma to cut heavy materials. Through the high-temperature gas blown from the nozzle, the machine creates an electric arc to create the plasma, which cuts the metal sheet into the desired shape. This type is ideal for cutting rough 2D parts for additional processing.
Electric Discharge Machines: Also known as EDMs, these machines come in two different types and use electrical sparks and electrical discharges to create new shapes. Part of the material or workpiece is removed from the electrical current between the two electrodes. Once the material is in place, the machine calculates how much discharge each electrode needs to generate.
Routers: CNC routers cut in multiple axes to create complex shapes in materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, and steel. These machines can help reduce waste and are ideal for small projects.


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