China CNC Machining Prototype Service

China CNC Machining Prototype Service

Prototype is to make one or several samples according to the appearance or structure drawing without opening the mold, which is used for appearance reference or functional sample for structural rationality inspection. You can see what the designed product looks like after it is made into a real object, and see if its appearance matches the design and whether the structure is reasonable. Under normal circumstances, the mold cost is relatively high, and if the product structure is illogical or other problems occur during the molding process, the loss will be huge. CNC prototyping can avoid this problem and reduce molding risks. China CNC machining prototype service , providing CNC machining services according to customer requirements.


China CNC Machining Service CNC Turning Parts

At CNC turning centers, skilled CNC machinists are able to produce complex and dimensionally rigorous custom parts from CNC lathes, providing high-quality metal or plastic precision CNC turned parts for rapid prototyping or low-volume manufacturing. Numerous materials can be CNC turned, such as: brass, aluminum, stainless steel and hard plastics. CNC turning services create complex external geometries and internal bores with very tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. CNC turning is suitable for rapid prototyping, new product introductions and low volume production. Find china CNC machining service CNC turning parts or CNC precision machining services to provide you with CNC machining services.


China CNC Machining Service CNC Turning Parts Factory

How to choose CNC turning service? 1. Parts with surfaces of revolution that require precision machining; CNC turning the part is the correct process. 2. Wide range of compatible metal and plastic materials; CNC turned parts can be made from a very wide range of metal and plastic materials. For example, metals include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium alloys, and the like. 3. CNC lathes can provide low-cost parts for simple cylindrical geometries. Looking for China CNC machining service CNC turning parts factory? Contact CNC Machining Services online for more information.