Optical prototype production of car light guide assembly
Light guide strip & light guideline plate & thick wall light guide

Five-axis CNC precision machining

ensures perfect diffusion and light distribution of thick-walled light guides

With the rapid development of automobile lamp technology, the visual experience of automobile lamps, especially the lighting effect, has been paid more and more attention. More and more designs of optical structures such as automobile lamp thick-walled parts and light guidebook plates not only have complex geometric shapes. , There is a dense diffusion pattern.
We provide precision five-axis CNC micro-milling for the trial production of automotive light information samples. They are ideal for processing optical components with high aspect ratio and complex geometric designs. Five-axis CNC machine tools can provide the highest machining accuracy and flexibility. With the help of our accumulated years of experience in CNC programming technology and post-processing technology, we can help designers face manufacturing challenges to achieve original design, obtain higher lighting efficiency and present Amazing visual effects.

We are good at CNC machining of complicated optical component geometry

Perfect lighting and uniform output
The complex optical processing of the light guide strip sample of the car light allows the light transmission to accomplish uniform linear illumination

  • Minimum digesting radius of optical details R0.1mm
  • Optical area surface tolerance accuracy ±0.02mm
  • Surface roughness Ra0.1μm after CNC machining
  • Surface roughness after mirror polishing Ra0.02μm
cnc machining service car light reflector
Automotive light increasingly uses the combination of LEDs and optical systems to support vehicle lighting control through attractive designs. We have expertise in CNC precision milling, which enables us to provide complex optical prototype production with the extremely high precision and quality required by the industry to assist in the initial trial creation of the new design.

Our understanding of requirements:

  • Satisfy the overall processing of the design to the greatest extent and follow the geometric outline of the modeling design
  • Understand common optical design features, and provide functional and beautiful light prototypes.
  • Through precise processing of optical details, the original design can be realized and the look tolerances could be met.

Five-axis precision machining service

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