Various trial production schemes for RP prototypes of automobile lampshades

The processing ability of the lampshade rapid prototype:

  • Disassembly processing plan for large-size parts
  • CNC overall addition of super thick transparent sheet
  • Superfinishing of the thin-walled curved surface of the car lamp mask
  • Minimum digesting radius to ensure optical details
  • Post-processing manual seamless bonding and mirror polishing technology
  • Large-volume silicone mold making and flawless casting of transparent parts
  • 2K painting and vacuum injection molding process that simulates two-color injection molding process

Fast prototype production of car transparent lampshade
Headlights & Combination Taillights & Fog Lights

The rapid prototyping of car lamp shades requires professional knowledge and attention to the intricate details of each lens, reflective surface and housing components to truly reflect the original design. Our technical team has accumulated many years of experience in the creation of prototypes in the field of automotive lighting, which can be applied to your specific product design requirements and provide complete manufacturing support.
Prototyping and post-digesting of complex
surfaces of transparent prototypes

Rapid prototyping and CNC machining technology applied to car lamp masks:

  • Lower cost SLA laser molding uses acrylic-like transparent resin to make quick prototypes.
  • The mirror surface area CNC machining of PMMA and PC plastic materials combined with manual polishing provides the best transparency and light transmittance.
  • The surface tolerance of CNC machining is ±0.05mm, and the minimum machining radius of optical details is R0.1mm.
  • The machined surface roughness is Ra0.2μm, and it can reach Ra0.02μm after mirror polishing.
  • After being bonded with opaque materials such as ABS and other disassembled parts, it can be painted in multi-color to achieve a simulated 2K injection molding process.

The two-color and two-material lampshade is realized by the vacuum compound mold technology of secondary molding

The formal production of car lamp shades usually adopts two-color injection molding process (2K Molding). Plastics of different components (or different colors) are injection molded twice on the same injection molding machine to form a single injection molded part. The mold and a set of molds for the fixed cavity are completed, and a special two-color injection molding machine is required.

In the trial production stage of fast prototypes of car lights, we usually use the secondary vacuum injection molding procedure (Overmolding) of the silicone mold to realize the lampshade two-color or two-material single polyurethane component. Usually it is necessary to create two prototype masters and two sets of silicone molds. The product is poured into two parts. After the parts are taken out of one set of silicone molds, they are put into another group of silicone molds for secondary injection.

In this relatively complex production process, we have a professional group to control the quality and progress of the project. We pay attention to the structural characteristics and process analysis of the product in the early stage, and accurately control the dimensional accuracy and surface area quality of CNC machining prototype parts through our professional advantages, and rely on our long-term accumulated encounter in vacuum compound mold technology to analyze the mold structure style and molding process Therefore, the merchandise effectively avoids the common defects of secondary molding, including deformation, lack of materials, poor welding, peaking, bubbles, shrinkage and other quality problems.

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